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Past Development



Assessment feedback: IDCompass

Coach feedback: IDCompass

"Intercultural Awareness" feedback: IDCompass

"Introducing Electronics" feedback: IDCompass

"Business Modeling" feedback: IDCompass

The deliverable of the last semester, a giveaway for "Klankspeeltuin".
The actual shape as it would be presented to the kids, a flat shape that can be pushed out of the paper, and folded into shape.
A sketch of the interaction with the device.

Last semester I did the project "I've Got the Music in Me". I had to design a giveaway for children that visited the "Klankspeeltuin", a playground for experimentation with music. I did the assignments "Business Modeling", "Intercultural Awareness" and "Introducing Electronics".

During this semester I developed most of the competency areas to awareness level. The verdict I got was a P-verdict, and the assessor thought I developed myself well enough to an awareness level. The feedback I got was that I had to work on my personal attitude, step more out of my comfort zone as well as become more assertive. She, as well as my coach and some assignors, found that I was a bit drawn back, which could block my development. The competency areas I was planning to develop more were User Focus and Perspective and Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling.

I also made a PDP for the summer holiday. There were some goals I liked to work on already. I wanted to improve my sketching skills, so I started with this already. Besides, I wanted to learn more about the competency User Focus and Perspective, so I started to read "Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction". My summer holiday PDP can be found over here.

My last showcase can be found over here.