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Future Plans

Next semester I want to develop some competencies more in depth. In the further future, I would like to have an automotive design internship.

Next semester I would like to do a project with more integrating technology and preferably also Designing Business Processes. I do have some experience with it, but I would like to extend this experience, as well as to integrate it into a project. Some of the projects of interest might be "Play your way in the hospital", "Socializing Light" and "Music and Light - Improvising, Sharing, Experiencing". Concerning assignments, I would still like to do an assignment with Descriptive and Mathematical Modeling, as I believe I can learn more for this competency area. This would be "Modelling Complex Systems". Furthermore, I would like to actively learn some more on Integrating Technology with an assignment, for which I like to choose "Creative Programming". Though for my sketching development, I think it might be a good idea to choose the assignment "Exploratory sketching". This latter assignment has priority to me over " Modelling Complex Systems", since I would like to improve on my sketching skills systematically, in preparation of my internship. My PDP for next semester can be found over here.

Besides, as my coach mentioned in the project feedback, I would like to be more assertive, be more proud of my strengths, my skills and my accomplishments. This is another part of my personal attitude, which I would like to work on next semester as well.